Christy Sperrazza

Psychotherapist – Yoga Teacher – Writer

Christy Sperrazza – Psychotherapist | Yoga Teacher | Writer

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Hi, I’m Christy.

Whether you are a yoga student, a participant in one of my workshops, or a client in psychotherapy, it is never too late to begin the most important journey of all…the journey to the soul. This is the innermost part of who you are. It is expansive, creative, and timeless. When you become more connected with this deeper part of yourself, healing and transformation can happen, and life becomes more meaningful.

Many things can block access to our soul: negative life experiences, faulty ways of thinking, challenging environments, and even energetic burdens passed down from our ancestors and culture. Luckily, there are a myriad of ways to tap into the soul. In my work, I use mind and body practices, which encourage both an intellectual understanding of ourselves as well as a sensory experience of the life journey. I will help guide you through this experience using the tools I have acquired over the many years in the western mental health system and the eastern wellness fields.

If you are looking for emotional, mental, or spiritual support at this time in your life, I invite you to explore my psychotherapy and yoga pages by clicking on the icons below. Thanks for being here and I wish you well on your journey.

“Christy’s unique education, training, and experience enables her to combine traditional as well as complimentary therapeutic practices to offer clients a truly holistic approach to healing and transformation. Those finding their way into Christy’s practice will be well served by her wellspring of knowledge as well as by her spacious and compassionate heart.”

Dr. Rev. Stephanie Rutt, Director Tree of Life School for Sacred Living, LLC
Presiding Minister of the Tree of Life Interfaith Temple

“My daughter and I both love your classes, not just the yoga which is so beneficial, but your understanding of the person who you are teaching. That is a very rare quality.”

Hazel, Yoga Student

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