Get Off The Train

IMG_0729The sheer fact that I haven’t written since February is testament to how easy it is to become absorbed into the busyness (and sometimes craziness) of life. So much has happened this year! A few challenges. Lots of lessons. Many inspiring moments. There is simply so much to learn and do in this lifetime. Mindfulness helps me to step out of the mode of “doing” and into the mode of “being” where I can pause and take it all in. It’s like getting off of a train that has been traveling for weeks upon weeks, nonstop. When you finally get off, you still feel the vibration in your body, but you are no longer moving; you are on still, solid ground. In the moments when I stop and get off the train, I experience life with more depth and reverence. My heart opens wide and softly holds all of my experiences without excessive emotion or attachment. When I am in this mindful place, I can connect to a higher energy and I experience myself as one tiny piece of the whole…not mattering so much but at the same time being connected to everything.

Over the past few months, I have been practicing bringing this awareness into my day to day life. During this time, ideas, stories, and blog posts have been percolating. Get ready for some exciting news coming your way, including the following:

1.) An end of the school year mindfulness update, including my proposal to the superintendent and our plans for the implementation of a mindfulness curriculum PRE-K- High school

2.) An update on my training with Mindful Schools

3.) My MBSR class that unexpectedly got cancelled

4.) My proposal to teach a weekend workshop for educators at Kripalu

5.) A two-night retreat to Kripalu coming this summer

6.) A monthlong teacher training at Kripalu

7.) My participation in the Hay House Writer’s Workshop

8.) My license as a mental health counselor in New Hampshire

9.) My Facebook page, “Every Moment. Mindful” growing every day!

And lots more! Stay tuned!