With all due respect, I am so happy I left my job!

213Every day I am more and more grateful for finally being ready to change my career. Over the past 12 years I tried genuinely to enjoy my job as a school psychologist. Don’t get me wrong; there were good days. I loved helping kids and families, but there were so many other responsibilities that frankly didn’t fit my personality. I am a dreamer, deep thinker, and idealist who faced an adverse, inflexible system that tries to put people into prescribed boxes. I am in introvert who tried painstakingly to fit into the role of an extrovert. I forced myself again and again to move out of my comfort zone, to “face the fear” but there is a fine line between stepping out of the zone and falling off the cliff. Sometimes, it’s better to expand upon attributes that are already a strong part of your personality, rather than force ways of being that are truly not in your nature.

Being a mental health counselor is so… me. I am drawn to the privacy and reverence of the individualized setting. I am naturally a warm and compassionate person who enjoys listening, but I also have the ability to go deep with my clients and challenge old viewpoints and beliefs. I allow myself to become affected by the unique issues that people bring to the therapy space. I am honored to hold delicate pieces of the lives of others and watch them transform right before my eyes. As I offer to clients my curiosity about their plight, I am also at the same time confronting my own thoughts, feelings, and perceptions. With each client, I affirm my inner essence while opening my heart to hold the totality of their reality and, ultimately, the whole of human experience.

I have finally found a job, a career, that is the perfect balance for me.

But wait! There’s more to come! 🙂

Life is dynamic and ever-evolving. My intention right now is to engage mindfully in this work that I adore, share stories and practices on this website, and write like nobody’s business. Writing slows me down, clears my mind, puts me in touch with my imagination and intuition, and connects me to the deep and wise place within. This place inside is where I find everything I need.