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Transform Your Life: A 40-Day Supported Kundalini Yoga Practice

The research is very clear that regular exercise, healthy eating, and managing stress through activities such as meditation and yoga have positive impacts on our mental, physical, and emotional health.  Yet, if we truly believe and live by the research, why aren’t we practicing regularly and living in utter bliss and contentment in every moment of every day?  What makes us go off track, even when we know in the depths of our hearts the right things to do?  What makes intelligent, good people make the same poor choices over and over again?

 Trying to figure out the answers to these questions with the mind can make you feel crazy…but what if we let go of trying to figure it all out? What if changing our patterns can’t be accomplished through thinking?   

What if we could change our patterns
by not thinking about our problems at all?

 I am not endorsing numbing out in the myriad of ways available to do so or ignoring the problems that are right in front of us; rather, I am suggesting that we try something revolutionary, something that the Kundalini Yogis have known for centuries.

Our thoughts become patterns and patterns are hard to break.  Kundalini yoga breaks through patterns.  But it doesn’t ask you to think about your problems, in fact, it doesn’t ask you to think about anything in particular.  It just invites you to do the practice and trust that you will be transformed.

If you want to make some serious changes in your life, this practice is for you.  Kundalini yoga is a science that works with energy.  Through Kundalini yoga practices, you change the energy of your mind and your body. You bring yourself into a higher frequency and thus live in a place of greater depth, connection, and power.

With this 40-Day practice, you begin on your schedule.  You will meet or Skype with Christy for an initial assessment (one hour).  During this time, you will work with Christy to find the best practice for your current needs.  There are literally hundreds of Kundalini practices (also known as “kriyas”) and meditations that are geared towards physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual expansion and healing.  After your practice has been determined, you will commit to engaging in this practice every day for 40 days.  During the 40 days, you will check in with Christy for 30 minutes at the end of each week for a total of six 30 minute check-ins.  Contact Christy for more detailed informational

Total Cost $300