209Saturday Morning Yoga (8:30-9:45)

Open Space Yoga, Nashua, NH

Teaching yoga is such a joy for me. I have been teaching for twenty years and have loved every single moment. My Saturday morning class is a gentle to moderate practice for students who are looking for relaxation, flexibility, community, and fun. Beginners are always welcome!


Individual Yoga Sessions and Your Own Personal Home Practice Video

Have you ever wondered if you are doing a yoga pose correctly? Have you ever been to a yoga class that moves so quickly that you do your best just to keep up? How about a class that is crowded and impersonal?

Have you ever wanted to take a yoga class geared towards you and your specific needs, where you really feel heard, validated, and cared for?

With a deep intuitive sense combined with 20 years of teaching experience, I offer individual yoga sessions for people who want to learn the basic yoga poses and create a personal home practice. These practices typically include meditation, breathwork, postures, and relaxation, mainly from the Kripalu and Kundalini yoga traditions. These sessions are $200 which includes a comprehensive phone or Skype consultation, an hour face to face in-person session creating a personal practice, and your own personal practice video that will be sent to you via email that can be downloaded onto your own device. This is a wonderful gift for yourself or a friend.

Yoga and Mindfulness Groups

We can’t control what happens in life, but we can decide how we respond. Yoga and mindfulness practices can teach us to relate to stress in a new way. I offer short-term mindfulness group to kids and adults. The next group series begins in February 2018. Please contact me below for more information.